Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

Triage X Bugs of the Week 2 (TXBW2)

Hey, one more week !

  • #418377 – ping & closed (default X resolution for etch?! installation).
  • #419960 – ping & closed (submitter screen apparently does not support DPMS).
  • #409337 – ping (Xorg/Gdm vertical refresh config).
  • #389030 – closed (boot with no usb mouse now work !).
  • #309226 – ping (xnest crash, seams fixed now).
  • #397438 – ping (dual monitor on old ati driver).
  • #414275 – ping, user can’t test it any more, so closing.

Well my UDD query report 879 bugs today… not a great improvement since last week… if more bugs are opened than I can close, I’m not going to make it alone !

The X Strike Force (still) needs you !

You can have a look at the X Strike Force Bug Closing Procedure and check XSF unstable bugs sorted by date.