Monthly Archives: October 2010

Time to put back software on the front page

I’ve been more on software recently, and I didn’t blog much…

I’m still maintaining openchrome Xorg driver, not much to do now that the latest upstream SVN version is on KiBi’s X autobuild system. Except waiting for the bugs to occur.

I also just requested to become DM to release the X Strike Force of the task of sponsoring me…

After a rather awkward first message (still sorry about that), I started working on webalizer’s debian package.
Nothing’s published yet, but this will come.

Finally I received an email from Axel Beckert about xrootconsole, well he already blogged about it, I accepted to co-maintain xrootconsole with him. More details on my xrootconsole page.

To conclude, after some month following the debian community, I’m starting to feel part of it!