Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

Triage X Bugs of the Week (TXBW18)

Better later than never, I restarted to triage last week, here is the report for it.

  • #526095 ping & close – KVM switch change makes mouse stop working.
  • #495139 upstream – cleanlinks: warning in “find” usage.
  • #550308 ping – x11-apps: xedit search dialog shows garbage.
  • #555647 ping – x11-xserver-utils: xrandr -o left leaves xdm, after I logout, unresponsive, with no login prompt.

In the mean time, Cyril has been triaging a lot of bugs see Debian XSF News #7.
But there are still 533 bugs to triage.

Mike Hommey recently wrote about graphs for the Debian Bug Tracking System. In particular there is now a per maintainer graph, so here it the X Strike Force bug graph ! (Note: the graph does not filter out some bugs as we do on UDD.

The X Strike Force (still) needs you !

You can have a look at the X Strike Force Bug Closing Procedure and check XSF unstable bugs sorted by date.