Triage X Bugs of the Week (TXBW12)

This report is 2 week late… It was delayed by an important event, not the release of squeeze, but the birth of my first child: Célestine is born Monday the 31th of January.

My wife and Célestine are both fine now but the firsts days were not that easy. I’m starting to recover from the lack of sleep, but I’m still very late on my debian tasks 😉 So I guess I just drop Triaging for week 13, 14 and maybe 15…

Now the bugs I triaged just before :

  • #509489 ping & merge with #492783 – Switching from tty to X by pressing Alt+cursorkey pass cursorkey keypress to X. OK for this user, waiting for more responses on other merged bugs…
  • #515546 ping & closed – keys stick when switching consoles.
  • #369202 ping – randomly activated ‘access keys’.
  • #547143 ping, it’s udev now, not hal – xorg/evdev/HAL versus serial mouse – submitter said serial devices should be handled using inputattach. I think It’s been added to some docs but didn’t take time to look at it.
  • #547888 ping & closed by submitter thanks! – high CPU usage in server after some time.
  • #489996 mail error, closed – problem auto-detecting / selecting some modes.
  • #550124 ping & closed – some modes aren’t recognized.

The X Strike Force (still) needs you !

You can have a look at the X Strike Force Bug Closing Procedure and check XSF unstable bugs sorted by date.