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Inside an Open Source BIOS

This post was originally published as A look from behind the Open Source Bios on Scaleway’s blog.

This is a followup post of Open Source Bios at Scale so you might what to read it first as this post will get more into details.

As explained in the previous post our BIOS is build with three main components: coreboot, Intel FSP and TianoCore. We will describe here how those three parts are fitting together.
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Open Source Bios at Scale

This post is a summary of my talk at FOSDEM’18 and was originally posted on Scaleway’s blog.

At Scaleway we started to design our servers with the ARM C1.
Later we switched to a x86 architecture to provide the C2 and Dedibox SC2016.

On x86 a BIOS is required to start the server. BIOS software got many legacy and backward compatible software to ensure a reliable behavior across many boards. I was in charge of the BIOS development for our new generation of x86 servers.

This article presents technical choices we used during our development.
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