Gengo is a multilingual plugin for wordpress, the one I use on this site. It’s main difference over other multilingual plugins is that it does not stores the translations inside one post but links different posts with different languages together.

Official gengo plugin site

Important Update

Gengo is dead… I no longer use it on this site, I use Polylang now.
In the migration process, I wrote Gengo to Polylang a plugin to import translations informations from Gengo to Polylang.

Random comments about Gengo

Well now MPML uses the same paradigm… But after a quick read, it seams to me that it can only display one language at a time (no fr+en like with gengo). The feature has been added to some extend: Default language fallback for posts.

For my personal use, I wanted to changes some features of gengo, so I did it. I did submit some patches to the mainstream, but never got any response, so the rest is only here now.

Some reasons for this fork are:

Well, there might be hope: Do You Still Want Gengo?

Update: on Sept 2, 2010 Paolo Tresso aka pixline sent a new message to gengo-hackers giving new hopes for gengo. I could tell him about my fork and he is now looking at merging the changes ! That’s cool 😉

I should also look at:
tickets on official gengo
WordPress forums tagged gengo

My blog post related to gengo have the tag gengo and could also interest you.

Known Important Issue

The gengo_append_urls option is broken (infinite redirect loop). However, for now, I implemented a redirection the other way around. When the option is unchecked (which currently is the only way to get it work) the URI ending in language codes are redirected to the normal URI, so external links are not broken. This is available in my hack/disable_append_urls_redirect_lang_uri git branch.

Update: I fixed the infinite loop. You must take care to save the permalink structure in worpress admin after changing anything related to permalinks in gengo.
Also if you don’ use it, you don’t need my hack/disable_append_urls_redirect_lang_uri branch because it was already done by the original code, I just did not understand it when I first wrote the hack for my blog.

New features

show translation title in original language

translated tags

mixmode: basically try to translate all post metadata to the post lang. This is probably not SEO friendly but I don’t care!
Based on this main feature, if I ever publish this fork to wordpress repository, I could name it gengo-remix or something similar.

git usage

The repository is here: gengo.git.

Note that I’m still heavily changing this and using rebase a lot to keep the new features (in branch hack/*) out of the main bug fixes.
Also wip/* branches are not guarantied to exist any time long, so don’t track them.
I’ve been using (and abusing) git rebase recently, now I moved master a bit higher in my stack and expect to use more merge now. So anything before master can be cloned safely.

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