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2010-01-04Make the VBESetVBEMode fallback message slightly clearerAdam Jackson
2009-12-30Remove support for non-shadowfb banked framebufferAdam Jackson
2009-12-30Use own thunk function instead of shadowUpdatePackedWeakAdam Jackson
2009-12-30Warning fix when !HAVE_ISAAdam Jackson
2009-12-30Code motionAdam Jackson
2009-12-01Don't artificially limit the screen size to 2kAdam Jackson
2009-10-22.gitignore: use common defaults with custom section # 24239Gaetan Nadon
2009-10-05Add missing shadowRemove() in VESACloseScreen().Matthieu Herrb
2009-09-18Remove unused variable.Adam Jackson
2009-09-18Use VBE palette load, not VGA banging.Adam Jackson
2009-09-18Fix a commentAdam Jackson
2009-07-28vesa: change to using ABI version checkDave Airlie
2009-07-28vesa: update for resources/RAC API removalDave Airlie
2009-07-16Update to xextproto 7.1 support.Peter Hutterer
2009-02-26Attempt VBE PanelID if DDC failsAdam Jackson
2009-02-05Add yet another pass to mode validation.Adam Jackson
2008-11-23Make ISA support optional.Adam Jackson
2008-09-18VESASetMode: be verbose about the mode that's being set.Luc Verhaegen
2008-07-15Properly define the driver versionJulien Cristau
2008-07-01Default VESAValidMode to returning MODE_BAD.Adam Jackson
2008-07-01Add a TODO list.Adam Jackson
2008-07-01Warning cleanup.Adam Jackson
2008-07-01Use VBE services for DPMS instead of banging VGA registers manually.Adam Jackson
2008-07-01Un-duplicate some init code.Adam Jackson
2008-07-01Remove unused ->deviceAdam Jackson
2008-06-12Update copyright.Adam Jackson
2008-06-12Clean up memory model checking, and properly refuse unsupported models.Adam Jackson
2008-06-12Add semi-reasonable mode validation.Adam Jackson
2008-06-12Prefer a more modern depth/bpp selection.Adam Jackson
2008-06-12Remove some useless module loading cruft.Adam Jackson
2008-06-12Fix boolean inversion in VBE screen clear.Adam Jackson
2008-04-17Planar video is goneJulien Cristau
2008-02-29Bug #10004: Fix palette initialization in 8bpp modes.Adam Jackson
2007-09-04Use pci_device_map_range instead of pci_device_map_memory_rangeIan Romanick
2007-09-04Use XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS to autodetect libpciaccess usage.Ian Romanick
2007-08-23Rename .cvsignore to .gitignoreJames Cloos
2007-05-11Don't disable FB access when it's already disabled.Aaron Plattner
2007-03-01Remove all trace of mfbAdam Jackson
2007-01-15Correct '#ifdef' to '#ifndef'. Oops.Ian Romanick
2007-01-15Add conditional support for pci-rework branch.Ian Romanick
2006-11-30Bump to 1.3.0xf86-video-vesa-1.3.0Adam Jackson
2006-11-30Fix shadow support yet again.Adam Jackson
2006-06-03Don't call VBEGetSetDACPaletteFormat when running in direct colour or YUVDaniel Stone
2006-05-19Bump to 1.2.0Adam Jackson
2006-05-18Fix ShadowFB support to work with recent miext/shadow changes from bugKevin E Martin
2006-04-07Unlibcwrap. Bump server version requirement. Bump to 1.1.0.Adam Jackson
2005-11-21Add .cvsignores for drivers.Eric Anholt
2005-11-09Bump version numbers for X11R6.9/X11R7 RC2.Kevin E Martin
2005-10-26Don't try to restore savedPal in CloseScreen if savedPal is NULL, to avoidAlan Coopersmith
2005-08-26Wrap afb calls in #ifdef USE_AFB. (Debian #015)Daniel Stone