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2010-04-04Dedicating package revisionHEADxorg7.5+xs1.6Julien Viard de Galbert
2010-01-23Remove myself from Uploadersdebian-unstableJulien Cristau
2010-01-20Prepare changelog for uploadxserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.3.0-1Brice Goglin
2010-01-18Bump build-dep on xutils-dev for new util-macros.Julien Cristau
2010-01-18Add bug closerJulien Cristau
2010-01-16Rename the build directory to not include DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE for no good reas...Julien Cristau
2010-01-06Update the changelogs.Timo Aaltonen
2009-12-06Upload to experimental.xserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.2.1-2Cyril Brulebois
2009-12-05Build against Xserver 1.7.Timo Aaltonen
2009-12-02Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.Timo Aaltonen
2009-11-27Merge branch 'debian-unstable' of ../../xsfbs into debian-unstableTimo Aaltonen remove more obsolete codeJulien Cristau kill obsolete DEFAULT_DCRESOLUTIONS and SOURCE_DIR usageJulien Cristau fix typo and remove svn keywordJulien Cristau no need for shlibs.localJulien Cristau remove unused reject_whitespace functionJulien Cristau remove unused find_culprits functionJulien Cristau remove unused maplink functionJulien Cristau remove unused analyze_pathJulien Cristau remove unused check_symlinks_and_{bomb,warn}Julien Cristau
2009-08-01Prepare changelog for uploadxserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.2.1-1Brice Goglin
2009-08-01New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-08-01Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.2 now that we have README.sourceBrice Goglin
2009-08-01Merge branch 'debian-unstable' of git:// into de...Brice Goglin
2009-06-03Kill custom readlink functionJulien Cristau
2009-05-26xsfbs: don't run dpkg --print-installation-architectureJulien Cristau
2009-05-25Add README.sourceDavid Nusinow
2009-04-09Upload to unstable.xserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.2.0-1Julien Cristau
2009-04-09update changelogsJulien Cristau
2009-04-09Merge branch 'debian-unstable' of into deb...Julien Cristau
2009-02-25xsfbs: needs to be executableJulien Cristau kill {,de}register_x_lib_dir_with_ld_soJulien Cristau
2009-02-01xsfbs: add a repack script for uscanJulien Cristau
2009-01-26Prepare changelog for uploadxserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.1.0-1Julien Cristau
2009-01-26Build against xserver 1.6 rc1.Julien Cristau
2009-01-09Run autoreconf on buildJulien Cristau
2009-01-09debian/control: wrap build-depsJulien Cristau
2009-01-09Merge branch 'debian-unstable' of into deb...Julien Cristau
2009-01-09Update changelogsJulien Cristau make 'log' a separate targetJulien Cristau update the list of releases, and drop some unused codeJulien Cristau more parallel make fixingJulien Cristau fix the prepare target for parallel makeJulien Cristau
2008-07-14Build against xserver 1.5 rc5.xserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.0.0-2Julien Cristau
2008-07-14Add myself to Uploaders, and remove Branden with his permission.Julien Cristau
2008-07-01Prepare changelog for uploadxserver-xorg-video-vesa-1_2.0.0-1Brice Goglin
2008-07-01Merge branch 'debian-unstable' of ../../../../xsfbs/xsfbs into debian-unstableBrice Goglin
2008-07-01Misc updates to the packagingBrice Goglin
2008-07-01New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2008-05-31Update xsfbs/quilt patching rules to be compatible with theBrice Goglin