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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-30dedicating package revisionHEADxorg7.5+xs1.6Julien Viard de Galbert
2010-02-14Bah, building the package also helps...Mattia Dongili
2010-02-13Fix 04_server-1.7-ftbfs.diffMattia Dongili
2010-01-25Add TSC-10 to udev rulesMattia Dongili
2010-01-25Fix CURSORDIRMattia Dongili
2010-01-25Fix and rebuild with xorg 1.7Mattia Dongili
2009-05-19Make lintian happyMattia Dongili
2009-05-17Add patch 03_server-1.6-ftbfs.diffJulien Cristau
2009-05-17Add patch 02_calibration_1.6.patchJulien Cristau
2009-01-21Clean up some gcc warning about unused stuffMattia Dongili
2009-01-21Remove unused patches from the series fileMattia Dongili
2008-02-03Re-enable swapping coords when the screen is randr rotatedv0.8.7-3Mattia Dongili
2008-02-02added xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.7-misc.patch from Dongili
2007-09-17Make the driver build with xorg 1.4v0.8.7-2Mattia Dongili
2007-09-11Fix a compile warning by moving xf86=ansic.h header inclusionMattia Dongili
2007-09-11Removed 03_fix_compile_warns.patch applied upstreamMattia Dongili
2007-06-13refreshed 03_fix_compile_warns.patchMattia Dongili
2007-06-13Remove patch 04 as its been applied upstreamMattia Dongili
2007-05-30Fix segv on VT switch (actually DeviceClose)Mattia Dongili
2007-05-12Fix compile warnings in upstream codeMattia Dongili
2007-05-12temporarily disable the buttonless patch as I have no time to fw-port itMattia Dongili
2007-04-30Remove Randr rotation patch applied upstream.Mattia Dongili
2007-02-19Add buttonless.patchMattia Dongili
2007-02-19Add randr-rotation patchMattia Dongili
2007-01-02Removed now useless patches.Mattia Dongili
2006-12-10Remove duplicate hunk already in 02_Imakefile_debian.patchMattia Dongili
2006-12-10Use quilt to add debian specific patchesMattia Dongili