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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-30dedicating package revisionHEADxorg7.5+xs1.6Julien Viard de Galbert
2010-05-15Update xsfbs and use new ${xinpdriver:Depends} substvar.Julien Cristau
2010-05-15Line-wrap the Build-Depends control field.Julien Cristau
2010-01-25Make lintian happier (D-Standards updated)Mattia Dongili
2009-05-19Make lintian happyMattia Dongili
2009-01-19New upstream release and URLMattia Dongili
2008-02-03Close bugs in changelog and add more changelog entriesMattia Dongili
2007-09-17Build for server-xorg-core 1.4Mattia Dongili
2007-06-10Use xsfbs to get xserver dependencies automatically.v0.8.5-3Mattia Dongili
2007-05-12- set Maintaner to the XSF and me as UploaderMattia Dongili
2007-02-20Add missing build-deps and remove useless onesMattia Dongili
2007-01-02Add pkg-config build-depMattia Dongili
2006-12-29Changed source package name according to upsream namingMattia Dongili
2006-12-10Use quilt to add debian specific patchesMattia Dongili
2006-12-10Import current packaging workMattia Dongili