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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-08-14Add EvdevPostButtonEvent API to immediately post a button event (#23269)Peter Hutterer
2009-08-13Rename parts of the Post API to a Queue API.Peter Hutterer
2009-08-04evdev: Use the EvdevPost...Event() functions in the emulation code.Oliver McFadden
2009-07-20Don't register middle mouse button emulation handlers for keyboards.Peter Hutterer
2009-02-02Janitor: make distcheck, .gitignore.Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade
2009-01-13Disable middle mouse button emulation when a middle mouse button event is reg...Michael Chapman
2008-10-28emuMB: add EvdevMBEmuOn and call from EvdevOn to register wakeup handlers.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-24emulate MB: fix confusing log message.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-23MB emulation timeout is stored as Time, make the property 32-bit too.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-14Tidy up evdev.hPeter Hutterer
2008-10-14Register property handler from within the modules, not the main evdev file.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-14Clean up program flow - don't call PreInit for "modules" on DEVICE_INIT.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-11Add checkonly handling to property handlers.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-11Stricter value checking for property changes.Peter Hutterer
2008-10-02Remove useless initialization of rc.Peter Hutterer
2008-09-30Add evdev-properties.h file with #defines for all property names.Peter Hutterer
2008-09-26Use new property API (no ConfigureDP, less args to ChangeDP)Peter Hutterer
2008-09-04Use HAVE_PROPERTIES define instead of GET_ABI_MAJOR for property compilation.Peter Hutterer
2008-09-04Shut up "unused variable" compiler warnings.Peter Hutterer
2008-08-08Simplify the property handler registration.Peter Hutterer
2008-08-06Adding a function to map button events to button numbers.Chris Salch
2008-07-21Guard property changes against ABI_XINPUT < 3.Peter Hutterer
2008-07-10Add support for device properties, currently MB emulation and timeout.Peter Hutterer
2008-07-03Update COPYING with the correct copyright info.Peter Hutterer
2008-06-17Shut up compiler warning "implicit declaration of function 'xf86Msg'"Peter Hutterer
2008-06-11If Emulate3Buttons is specified in the config, don't auto-deactivate it.Peter Hutterer
2008-06-11Remove wakeup handlers when device is closed.Peter Hutterer
2008-06-10Enable middle-mouse button emulation.Peter Hutterer