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2008-07-03Update COPYING with the correct copyright info.Peter Hutterer
2006-01-09Add evdev manpagegravity
2005-12-06Change *man_SOURCES ==> *man_PRE to fix autotools warnings.Kevin E Martin
2005-11-28Change *mandir targets to use new *_MAN_DIR variables set by xorg-macros.m4Alan Coopersmith
2005-10-18Do the following to make the drivers pass distcheck:Kevin E Martin
2005-10-18Use @DRIVER_MAN_SUFFIX@ instead of $(DRIVER_MAN_SUFFIX) in macroAlan Coopersmith
2005-10-17More 1.7 braindamage: define EXTRA_DIST in terms of @DRIVER_NAME@ insteadAdam Jackson
2005-10-17Use sed & cpp to substitute variables in driver man pagesAlan Coopersmith
2005-07-12Build skeletons for input drivers. Should basically work.Adam Jackson