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2009-12-12New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-11-26Bump changelogsJulien Cristau
2009-09-29Bump changelogsJulien Cristau
2009-08-21New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-08-06New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-07-30New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-04-30New upstream releaseBrice Goglin
2009-04-09update changelogsJulien Cristau
2009-01-16update changelogs for new upstreamJulien Cristau
2008-11-26Update upstream changelogJulien Cristau
2008-11-12Merge tag 'xf86-input-evdev-' into debian-experimentalJulien Cristau
2008-08-04update changelogs and autoreconfJulien Cristau
2008-07-30update changelogsJulien Cristau
2008-07-18Merge tag 'xf86-input-evdev-2.0.2' into debian-unstableJulien Cristau
2008-07-10update changelogsJulien Cristau
2008-07-10Remove static ChangeLog, autogenerate as part of make dist.Peter Hutterer
2008-07-03Remove static ChangeLog, autogenerate as part of make dist.Peter Hutterer
2008-05-22New upstream release candidate.Julien Cristau
2006-01-09Add evdev manpagegravity
2005-12-21Update package version for X11R7 release.Kevin E Martin
2005-12-15Update package version number for final X11R7 release candidate.Kevin E Martin
2005-12-06Change *man_SOURCES ==> *man_PRE to fix autotools warnings.Kevin E Martin
2005-12-03Update package version number for X11R7 RC3 release.Kevin E Martin
2005-12-02Remove extraneous AC_MSG_RESULT.Kevin E Martin
2005-11-29Only build dlloader modules by default.Adam Jackson
2005-11-09Update package version number for X11R7 RC2 release.Kevin E Martin
2005-11-01Update pkgcheck depedencies to work with separate build roots.Kevin E Martin