AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-04minor cosmeticHEADmasterMathias Gumz
2012-10-04Add support for nearest corner or edge resizingMichael Abbott
2012-10-03Improved vertical alignment of text in FbTk::TextButtonMathias Gumz
2012-09-14removed duplicate function signature for FbTk::StringUtil::extractNumber()Mathias Gumz
2012-09-14minor cosmeticMathias Gumz
2012-09-14Fix regression: switch back to microseconds for DelayCmdMathias Gumz
2012-09-14Fix bug: (re)setting timeouts on a running FbTk::Timer might lead to broken t...Mathias Gumz
2012-08-28changed timing functions to use a monotonic increasing clockMathias Gumz
2012-08-22fix sanity check for transient and explicitly placed windowsPeter Hercek
2012-08-03Add menu.hilite.font and menu.hilite.justify style resourcesVladimir A. Pavlov
2012-08-03FbTk/ move loading additional font resources to load()Vladimir A. Pavlov
2012-08-03FbTk/ don't use style resources in ThemeItem<Font>::setDefaultV...Vladimir A. Pavlov
2012-07-14mergeMathias Gumz
2012-07-14rephrased documentation about font effectsMathias Gumz
2012-07-08make the menu bit of decoration masks control whether or not menu button is s...Mark Tiefenbruck
2012-07-08fix documentation of TAB decoration maskMark Tiefenbruck
2012-07-06make alt-tab skip modal windowsMark Tiefenbruck
2012-07-01add fullscreen, maximizedhorizontal, and maximizedvertical tests to ClientPat...Mark Tiefenbruck
2012-04-10removed 'always-true' expressionPaul Tagliamonte
2012-04-10use the 'z' modifier for printing 'size_t' like variablesPaul Tagliamonte
2012-04-10Bugfix: Don't draw the interlace lines 1px too farMathias Gumz
2012-04-06Allow percentage values for some Window commandsLajos Koszti,.hh: Pass string arguments by const reference.Ryan Pavlik
2012-01-04FbTk/XrmDatabaseHelper.hh: operator== can be const.Ryan Pavlik
2012-01-04Check .empty() instead of .size() == 0Ryan Pavlik
2012-01-04Pre-increment non-primitive types.Ryan Pavlik
2012-01-04Exceptions should be caught by reference.Ryan Pavlik
2012-01-04Add mwm _MOTIF_WM_INFO atom to advertise mwm hints capabilityDaniel Diaz
2012-01-04No need to check if a pointer is null before de-allocating it.Paul Tagliamonte
2012-01-04changed encoding of nls/it_IT/Translation.m to latin1skizzhg
2011-11-01moved meta-information around a little bitMathias Gumz
2011-10-31README: Add information on cross-compiling for WindowsRyan Pavlik
2011-10-31src/,FbTk/ Search relative to the executable.Ryan Pavlik
2011-10-31FbTk/ Don't return mid-routine.Ryan Pavlik,FbTk/ On windows, use USERPROFILE instead of HOMERyan Pavlik
2011-10-31util/, use EXEEXTRyan Pavlik Fix on windows - no kill or sigusr2Ryan Pavlik Fix on windows where there is no forkRyan Pavlik
2011-10-31FbTk/, Windows doesn't have nl_langinfoRyan Pavlik Implement ExecuteCmd for WindowsRyan Pavlik Windows requires a library to link for catgetsRyan Pavlik Add a wrapper for two-argument mkdir on WindowsRyan Pavlik ifdef the signals windows doesn't have.Ryan Pavlik
2011-10-31FbTk/ Check HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H, add alternate for windowsRyan Pavlik
2011-10-31Merge branches 'fix-out-of-range-memory', 'obey-configure' and 'other-improve...Ryan Pavlik
2011-10-31FbTk/ make startup failure easier to diagnoseRyan Pavlik Use expandFilename for default pathsRyan Pavlik
2011-10-31src/ Add warning to as wellRyan Pavlik Check getenv output better.Ryan Pavlik, acinclude.m4: always pre-pend new libs.Ryan Pavlik