BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterminor cosmeticMathias Gumz10 years
on_tabAdds the OnTab keyword for the keys fileJulien Viard de Galbert10 years
pre-devel-1_1merged branch to trunk; everyone using this should switch branchesmarkt15 years
wipCleanedup the tab mess :)Julien Viard de Galbert10 years
wip-containerON_TAB context reportedJulien Viard de Galbert12 years
wip-orig-devDo not ignore handleJulien Viard de Galbert10 years
with_mapwork in progressJulien Viard de Galbert12 years
Release-1_3_1commit f44856d995...Mathias Gumz12 years
Release-1_3_0commit 05e64be3bd...Henrik Kinnunen12 years
Release-1_1_1commit 8e97963e42...Henrik Kinnunen14 years
Release-1_1_0_1commit 27dc136121...Mark Tiefenbruck14 years
Release-1_1_0commit f9ed11a351...Henrik Kinnunen14 years
Release-0_1_10commit 010e160752...unknown
Release-0_1_11commit ccd1677076...unknown
Release-0_1_13commit 84f90607f5...unknown
Release-0_1_6commit 61661d638e...unknown
Release-0_1_7commit 587dd5fb71...unknown
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-10-04minor cosmeticHEADmasterMathias Gumz
2012-10-04Add support for nearest corner or edge resizingMichael Abbott
2012-10-03Improved vertical alignment of text in FbTk::TextButtonMathias Gumz
2012-09-14removed duplicate function signature for FbTk::StringUtil::extractNumber()Mathias Gumz
2012-09-14minor cosmeticMathias Gumz
2012-09-14Fix regression: switch back to microseconds for DelayCmdMathias Gumz
2012-09-14Fix bug: (re)setting timeouts on a running FbTk::Timer might lead to broken t...Mathias Gumz
2012-08-28changed timing functions to use a monotonic increasing clockMathias Gumz
2012-08-22fix sanity check for transient and explicitly placed windowsPeter Hercek
2012-08-03Add menu.hilite.font and menu.hilite.justify style resourcesVladimir A. Pavlov