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masterMinor changes.Daniel VIARD12 years
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2011-05-08Minor changes.HEADmasterDaniel VIARD
2011-05-02Move C1&C2 close to USB connector. Change R3 footprint to vertical.Daniel VIARD
2011-05-02Move prog connector to the bottom of pcb.Daniel VIARD
2011-04-30Corrections on UBS and push button footprints.Daniel VIARD
2011-04-21Footprints add, PCB design.Daniel VIARD
2011-04-20Using Xtal instead of OscillatorJulien Viard de Galbert
2011-04-20clean up !Julien Viard de Galbert
2011-04-14Add Stereo Jack footprint.Daniel VIARD
2011-04-14Add relay footprint.Daniel VIARD
2011-04-10Correction of connector's netnames.Daniel VIARD