This blog is a way for me to post information about my projects or little hacks that might be useful to others.

The good with open source is that you can always fix or add a feature to a small tool (big one are often too complicated to enter the code), but I might not be the only one that need the change, however the project maintainer might not be interested, or the project might be sleeping or even dead… So I wanted a way to share all this.

Regarding comments, currently the comments are mostly open, and I receive a load of useless or spam comment, so just to tell you my editorial line. If a comment is not related to the post, or too short/simple to give any useful information (aynthing like “cool” or “I like your blog”) it will be simply and purely deleted. The fact is that most simple post are actually trying to push some links to unrelated stuff, and I don’t want to be polluted by that ! 🙂