Triage X Bugs of the Week 6 (TXBW6)

An other week, a few more bugs looked, unfortunately in the mean time the number of bug grew to 875…

  • #471423 ping – ati driver ignore Option “Enable” “false” in monitor section, but accept the undocumented Option “Disable” “true”.
  • #468561 ping & closed – vesa: switching resolution with xrandr after suspend-to-ram.
  • #447526 ping – memory leaks.
  • #475534 closed – as reported said, oclock seams to work correctly…
  • #466044 ping – xserver-xorg-core: internal screen of laptop with external screen attached not blanked when laptop closed but still in use.
  • #482317 ping – libxt6: scroll list overflow in gv.
  • #425814 ping – xserver-xorg-video-ati: Xv broken on Mach64 3D Rage LT Pro AGP-133.

The X Strike Force (still) needs you !

You can have a look at the X Strike Force Bug Closing Procedure and check XSF unstable bugs sorted by date.

4 thoughts on “Triage X Bugs of the Week 6 (TXBW6)

  1. andrew

    I love reading the progress on X ! It’s really, really sad that squeeze will ship with a x-server that is 3 *major* versions old, assuming 1.10 wraps up in the near future 🙁

  2. Julien Post author

    Thanks for the cheers.
    Well, if you’re that sad, you should join and help us !
    For your information 1.9 is already packaged in experimental and ready for the next release cycle.

  3. shirish

    Hi Julien,
    I have put up a bug-report . Today while going through I went through the bugs-list. I saw quite a few people have put up bugs against say something like xserver-xorg-video-intel or whatever chipset they have. Mine is an intel machine so using the same e.g. Should I file a new bug against xserver-xorg-video-intel or what could I do which could give you or/and the X-force team more info. in order to triage the bug and see what can be done about it, if anything . I say the latter as I also andrew’s comment above, it just might be because its old. Anyway, bookmarking this page and would be coming back to see if you have any instructions for me.

    Thank you for your time and good luck with triaging all those bugs and hopefully squeeze will be out of the door. A fellow Debianer.

  4. Julien Post author

    Well, your bug is a mouse issue, not a video driver issue so no, you should not file a bug against xserver-xorg-video-intel, filling it against xserver-xorg-input-all was fine.

    You know the number of bugs for the X Strike Force is quite big (more than 1200) so the bts is almost unusable.
    Your bug report was too big so the mail was not delivered to the debian-x mailing list, so I guess nobody did see it.
    That’s a good reason to join my TXBW effort, triaging bugs so that the bts becomes usable again.

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