Triage X Bugs of the Week 1 (TXBW1)

Here is my report for the first week, (actualy I’m a little bit late, but friday loked like a better day for such reports)

  • #385803 – Reported upstream.
  • #391452 – Wontfix, there is a nicer alternative.
  • #335515 – Ping & closed.
  • #394529 – Asked for a phrasing (any native English writer can help here).
  • #252585 – I’m not sure the actual needed changes worth it, so I proposed to just document it, waiting for feedback…
  • #379480 – Ping & closed.
  • #290881 – Today’s package has changed, so reassigned and updated info.
  • #251449 – Added info, if someone is more easy with wiki stuff than bug triaging, then updating the FAQ is a work for you ;).
  • #420018 – Ping & closed.

That’s it… about 880 bugs more to go !

The X Strike Force (still) needs you !

You can have a look at the X Strike Force Bug Closing Procedure and check XSF unstable bugs sorted by date.