New Projects pages and Gengo update.

I’ve been adding pages for my Projects. Previously this kind of data was on Trac, but I’ve never been using it actively. And I’m mostly using git for my new development instead of subversion.

I could have used Trac with git, but for project presentation WordPress pages are good enough.

But I wanted to have comments on some pages, which meant a theme update and another Gengo fix. Also I’ve done a big history rewrite by moving my version of gengo to git. If ever Jamie Talbot is really seriously considering starting development again. Then I hope he can pick some patches from my version 😉

4 thoughts on “New Projects pages and Gengo update.

  1. Julien Post author

    Well, Paolo (Pixline) already integrated the fixonly branch to the official gengo svn. So you can start there 😉 The rest are new features some still need improvements.

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