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Open Source Hardware

I’m fan of free software, I’m also a Micro-electronic engineer, sometimes I wish I could apply the free software philosophy to some hardware projects.

Well I could just applying some nice licence to some design and publish it. For hacking this works, just look at Arduino‘s success !

And there are plenty of other examples :

I think one great part of the success is related to the fact that you can do it yourself.

Now if you consider bigger projects like FPGA/ASIC design, it seams harder, well yes you loose the ‘do-it-yourself’ fun, and you compete with big companies, but still there are some examples:

Ok this is possible, now let’s go further, how do I choose my licence ?
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Installing debian on EeePC 1201HA: the grub 2 trick

As already stated in the previous post update I’m now using the method described on debian eeepc wiki for booting in native resolution, so I’m no longer using the IEGD driver (nor my xserver by the way).

I find it a lot more stable !

I no longer have the issues with the mouse cursor jumping randomly to the lower right corner.

I even configured the touchpad to use the tap to click mode and the two finger scroll mode. (This will be the subject of a following post)

One more thing about using 915resolution in grub2, if like me you find that windows no longer want to boot, then only load 915resolution.mod before loading the linux kernel and not at grub startup.
You can do that by adding the following lines in /etc/grub.d/10_linux.

	echo insmod 915resolution
	echo 915resolution 58 1366 768 32

Instead of creating the /etc/grub.d/01_915resolution file.

I did place it at the end of the if block testing the GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX variable.

Hope this will help some of you !